This is a selection of the musicians who have pinned themselves to my brain stem

Omnia Facebook
OMNIA brings a musical message of respect for nature, personal liberty and freedom of thought and expression for all. In the words of Steve Sic (the one and only Pope of Paganism): “Nothing is sacred, only nature!”
The Partisan Seed Facebook
I first came across The Partisan Seed in 2008, back when I was finding new music at least a week ahead of Triple J. This album’s rather good, and I love the melody and lyrics in track 8, ‘Did a gun give you a name?’.
Caitlin Canty Facebook
I came across Caitlin Canty on Kickstarter, and fell in love with her music – delighting in the melody and the soft guitar behind and vanishing into the pull of the lyrics.
Down Like Silver Facebook
Whilst Caitlin Canty was producing Golden Hour, she & Peter Bradley Adams started the band, Down Like Silver, and produced their self-titled album. I was totally blown away and captivated by ‘Wolves, the first track on the album
Glasfrosch Facebook
Very interesting sound, haunting melodies that echo off the trees planted on the voice-boxes of your inner ear. Check out the 2nd track on this album: “Girl in the grip of the octopus.” Just, WOW!
Obsidian Kingdom Facebook
Drone at its best. So easy to lose yourself in the atmospheric pressure of the caverns of the mind.
Siskin River Facebook
Catchy, dance inducing melodies that lead the mind into the haunted forests of fairytale. I look forward to seeing them at Woodford.
Name Facebook
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