The True-Blue, Straight & Narrow, Normal People’s Club

Date of Performance: 7th – 11th October, 2015
Style: Theatre
Role: Actor


Conjoined Twins Maple and Myrtle run the weirdest nightspot in town. The True Blue, Straight and Narrow Normal People’s Club is a haven for outcasts and artists to frolic far from the ever watchful eyes of the evil Tony Bolt, Prime Minister of Straya. But there’s someone lurking behind the glitter curtain and a prophecy screams of trouble to come. What will our collection of freaks and outsiders do when it’s curtains down, with no chance of an encore?

The Normal People’s Club is a brand new cabaret comedy about having fun, following your own path and being fabulously you, brought to you by the Sicko Glitter Sisters and their loveable band of Darwin weirdos.

Created by Ciella Williams and Cj Fraser-Bell