The Best Laid Paths

Date of Performance: 20th July, 2016
Style: Improvised Dance
Role: Solo Dancer

The Best Laid Paths is a visual and poetical contemplation of life itself. The varied paths of humanity towards inner peace are interwoven through this improvised dance sequence by local creative Jeremy ‘Dancing Man’ Garnett.

This piece is a culmination of many schemes, much thought and the occasional self-aware head-slapping realisation of just how messed up the journey of life can be. Finding a purpose or a reason to live is an ageless struggle, but every struggle births a story. This dance is the tale of the journey beyond instinct, beyond darkness and light, and the expectations of the soul.

Shamaniac – Omnia
We Could Be Housewives – Ian Ion
Breath Me (instrumental) – Sia
On Earth As It Is In Heaven – Ennio Morricone
The Lark Ascending – Vaughan Williams