Darwin of the Dead

Date of Performance: 26th – 2th October, 2013
Style: Cabaret
Role: Poet

A Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween Fiesta!


On the 26th and 27th of October, Browns Mart Theatre will appear as you have never seen her before – A night of gorle-sque, creepy comedy, cunning cabaret and murderous music, all with a dashing scent of scandal and horror.

Join your M.C. Kyle Walmsley, local burlesque talent Lana del Banana, Comedian Matthew Haubrick and spooky songstress Casey Glennon, amongst others, in a night of horr-oh!-fying entertainment.

Presented by the Darwin Cabaret and Burlesque Collective, this will be a variety show that knocks your socks off….A Halloween celebration unlike any other in Darwin merging the horror of Halloween with the spirit of the Day of the Dead, bringing you, DARWIN OF THE DEAD!!

This show is a fundraiser for the Darwin cabaret and burlesque collective, to help fund future shows!

Lana del Banana (Burlesque/Gorlesque)
Lilith A’Lure (Burlesque/Gorlesque)
CJ Fraser-Bell (Music)
Aimee Gray & Meredith Davies (Circus)
Sideshow Aly (Music)
Casey Glennon (Music)
Legs Akimbo (Burlesque)
Conor Fox (Puppets)
Claine Keily (Poetry)
Jon Clarke (Circus)
Angus Robson (Music)
Jeremy Garnett (poetry)
DATES: 26 & 27 OCTOBER 2013