About Me

Jeremy Garnett 2013
Jeremy Garnett is a performance artist and published poet, currently in Darwin, Australia. Deeply involved in the organising of the Darwin Fringe Festival, he is the Volunteer Coordinator for both it and the Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival. He is also the Community Editor for Flycatcher, the Charles Darwin University student magazine; and is a Freelance Publisher and Editor, designing and publishing of both own and local work in the form of anthologies and chapbooks, and editing academic theses.
Somewhere, he also finds the time to read profusely, experiment with photography, and plan then perform experimental quasi-improv dance performances.
Most recently, he performed The Best Laid Paths, a solo improv dance performance in the 2016 Darwin Fringe Festival, featuring his own poetry to tell a tale of the trials of life through emotive sound and movement. Other completed projects include Layers of Creation, a photographic & poetic anthology of local talent.
He can be found dancing to live music at Happy Yess, the Railway Club, or out on the cliffs surrounded by lightning. For these antics, among others, he is know to some only as ‘Dancing Man,’ a moniker that delights his sense of fun.