Publication Publication Type Date Title of Piece
Flycatcher (Dry Season edition) Issue 2 Magazine 28th October, 2016 Tenement Dreaming
Flycatcher (Wet Season edition) Issue 1 Magazine 20th April, 2016 Barefoot Perception
Layers of Creation
Edited, designed & self-published
17th November, 2015
The True Blue, Straight and Narrow, Normal People’s Club
Written & performed
Theatre 7th -11th October, 2015 The Downfall of Australia, a ‘historic poem’ included in script
Improvised Flesh, Pervasive Flesh,
Northern Centre for Contemporary Art
Exhibition 11th October, 2014 A poetic response to Improvised Flesh, the interpretive dance response to Talitha Kennedy’s Pervasive Flesh exhibition (PDF)
Frankensteined Monologues – The Showing Theatre 28th September, 2014 Croc Hunter
Zingara Poetry Picks Website 28th March, 2014 Song of Sorrow
Tales of the Undead – Undead in Pictures
by Horrified Press
Paperback 27th March, 2014 Gazing into the Mirror of Life
Wagait Artists Group c/o Sandra Thibodeaux Website 25th October, 2013 The Very Hungry Bear
Zest Lit, Issue 2
(text & audio recording)
Online Magazine 1st October, 2013 Progressive Culture
Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds
by Carmilla Voiez
Paperback 1st August, 2013 Terror Bound