Once, we knew

It’s interesting how tiredness, and height can both give perspective. This poem is the result of a severe encounter with both, yesterday.


Once, we knew the land from the walking, measuring passage in step and time, experiencing the flow and fold, and attributing the land’s features to the unexplainable whim of nature.

Once, we looked down from the heights to watch the water fall away downward, forever, attributing it to the pull of an eternal waterfall, out beyond sight of the land.

Once, we followed the fish beyond the horizon, only to find that the water stretched so far beyond our sight that it met is coming up behind; attributing the sphere and sun’s orbit our very self-importance.

Once, we sought out the farthest sights and marveled at the whirl of the solar system and the ever-expanding spiral of the galaxy, attributing our place within to a growing set of defining laws.

Once, we flew, looking down upon a network of meandering channels reminiscent to the structure of out brain or to a web of miniscule mushrooms; overlaying the landscape with maps that defined distance, attributing the similar patterns to the interactions between elements.


Once, we worshipped the very land, existing within an observed network of embodied life force.

Once, we became playthings for benevolent bestial gods, bound by their whims and suffering a sense of humour we could not fathom.

Once, we came to see our deities in our own image, almighty and omniscient, stripping the land of its form, and defining its purpose with ours.

Once, we conquered our deities with disbelief and drove them from us, seeking definition in the laws of science, and finding law only in the evidence.

Once, we woke to find ourselves in a network of connection, bound to interact as do the patterns of the wind and weather, or the functions of our nervous system.


Once, we forgot where we came from, only to find the secrets of our origin had been within us all along.

Once, we discovered the objects of our belief we just as adaptable as we, ourselves, changing their names to suit the times.

Once we found ourselves at the mercy of laws that existed before we began our own eternity.

Once we looked about ourselves and saw only interwoven connections; then in the proving of the network, found it to be ubiquitous.

Once, we believed in an outside agent, a governor of laws, yet on struggling free of active presence, we found ourselves acting in accordance to the law itself.

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