Post any party or gathering, desirous of peaceI return, time and again, to the cliffs or the beach.To stare ever upwardsseeking, then seeingcompanions eternalwho exist in the night.Hiding in darkness, they're beyond our attempts,our creations that mirror,their brightness with false.With arm across brow, my vision expands.Would that I were in wildernessfar from city expanse.I'm speaking of stars,of Orion, the emu,who waits, between lightyearsfor substance of self.I'm speaking to starsof my troubles and theirs -of moments sparking remorse;of tears shed in shadows.I'm speaking, murmuring the words I could not speakat the party, the gathering,fearing stability's loss.Instead I have cliffsand stars who cannot replyWith a wind gusty, but free,and a leafy hollow for sleep.When the wind dies;when  the sun risesI'll wake to wander homeStable, sane, alive.